About Fearless

Fearless and Fancy Free began in 2011 with unique meaning behind it. In common slogan fearless communicates a radical, no holds barred, unique outlook with no limits and a brute strength, demonstrating a force and drive that will not give up. The vision behind the Fearless Ministry did not come from that root, but as the founder of Fearless and Fancy Free, Kim Hamilton, says:

“In the journey of my life, there were roads I was forced to travel where I adamantly did not want to go. On many of those roads, I was afraid. To survive, I learned how to “buck up” and appear strong and walk confidently. That depleted me and was exhausting!

What I had to learn, most times the hard way, was how to not run from the fear, but rather embrace it, hold it and lay it down, piece by piece. I wrestled, where it felt like prying my fingers loose to let fear go. I slid into a place where I knew God so well, and trusted Him so much, that I could live, from the inside out, a life without fear because I had put it all in the hands of the gracious God who made me and loves me fiercely.This unique kind of fearless comes from a place of brokenness, of humility where the goal is not to conquer but to surrender.

From right there is where the FancyFree part comes in. When fear is not a driving force in life, there is a freedom, a strength, a whimsical joy that wakes you up in the morning. Fearless and Fancy Free: humble strength and freedom, confident peace and joy, fire and vision”.

You may not think you or your organization deal with any aspect of fear – but chances are great you do, as it comes in many forms: pride, cliches, attitudes, work ethic and control issues, lack of performance, conflict resolution issues, and the list goes on. It doesn’t matter what kind of company, non-profit, family business or church you lead; if and when the concept of vulnerability and humility is grasped, it opens the door to a whole new way of working proactively, passionately and leading powerfully!

Vision. Contentment. Humility. Boldness. Learners. Daring. Deep. Creative. Strong. Focused. Aware. Loving – are those words that describe your team? That is what happens when fear is not present. Wow! With people like that on our teams and in our families, great things will happen!

Kim is passionate about teaching, coaching, speaking, motivating and encouraging people of all ages and teams of all sizes to be more fearless and experience a free attitude and outlook to growth.

Woman crushed and needs to overcome trouble but shadow is confident and brave

“Kim Hamilton is a gifted musician and skilled communicator. Her music comes from the depths of her soul and her story has been developed in the crucible of living life. From the low points of deep sorrow to haunting fear, Kim developed her strength in the Lord especially as it was expressed through music, pouring from her heart in worship. Her journey is one of encouragement, of power and of hope. She tells her stories with convincing clarity and conviction.”

Graydon Jessup
President, Heart and Soul90
Director, The Church Planters of the Rockies